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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]
The things we do.......

So Saturday Chris was going to go to baby's-r-us and pick up the dresser/changing table at 10 and then Yoda to the vet at noon. I was going to a funeral that morning and he dropped me off to a friend, who I was going to the service with and lives near babys-r-us. The plan was after the service I would call when I was back in the area which would be after the vet visit and he would come get me and we would go to Sam's which is also near the friends house.

That's how the morning started. We'll Alaina and I met Sheila and we all three went together. As we are driving across the Monitor Merrimac Chris calls and says the changing table/dresser fit into his car (my concern when we ordered it was it would not fit) but he explained "my car isn't as big as I thought it was." But it fit. So we go on to the service. There was a misunderstanding as to the times of everything, so we went for a short while and then headed back to Newport News earlier than anticipated. I called Chris at about 11:00 and told him we were on our way back did he want to meet somewhere and come get me before taking Yoda to the vet.

He was flustered and said he needed to take another shower, he explained there were "complications" but he would tell me about them later. We decided he would just do what he needed to do take Yoda to the vet then give me a call, I would just hang out with Alaina for a bit.

So I hang up the phone thinking "complications?" did it fall out of the back of his car going down the interstate. Alaina assured that didn't happen as he made was home and it had only been an hour since he picked it up. We could not figure out the "complication."

Chris calls back a little later and says "this is the deal...." I need to take a shower, sit down for a minute, and take Yoda to the vet (we had previously talked about me taking Yoda but I can't lift him into the car)then I need to go to Clint's so Clint can help me get this out of my car and put it in his truck and bring it here. I was confused! The item FIT in his car but it was STUCK!!!!!! Ow wait actually he said first he was going to put his car back together and then take a shower and you know the rest.

I asked what did he mean put his car back together, I asked if he took the hatch off and he said "no nothing that drastic." So we decided he could pick me up on the way to Clint's house or just call and we'll figure it out.

I hung up from this conversation and don't ask me why but in telling Alaina what was going on, as she only heard my end of the conversation I was laughing so hard I was literally crying!!!! It was just one of those things like when the dishwasher is running and you open it and ask "is this clean!" Just funny! Also I thought why he is driving to Clint's for Clint to help him get this furniture out to just bring it to us, if Clint has time to do that why doesn't he just come to the house. It wasn't until later that I learned Clint would bring it by another day. So that then made sense.

So, Chris calls around 1:00ish and says he's back from the vet with Yoda. And he's coming to Alaina's to get me and we'll go to Clint's. So he gets to Alaina's and says his brother can come by at 2:30 to help him get the furniture out of the car and upstairs. That was another issue he is going to need assistance carrying it upstairs, because I can't help. So, Alaina said Pat's here (her husband) he can try and help you get it out, we can put it in dad's truck and bring it to you in a few days. Ok, that's a plan. So we all go outside, and Pat is pulling on it and Chris is in the car pushing and moving it and then they change places. The problem is in the back of the car are two plastic things that gave when it went in but can't give the other way for it to come out. And it's not in a box. So.... the plastic thing on the left has a light and wiring connected so it couldn't be removed, but the one on the right could. So Chris took it off and at that point the furniture wiggled out of the car. At this point Chris said we'll now that I know it will come out there is no reason to leave it here, we can take it home in my car and get it in the garage. So it was pushed back into the car and we decided to go to Sam's since we were in Newport News.

We go to Sam's and as always you end up buying a few things that aren't on your list. So we ended up opening the drawers to the dresser and putting stuff in them!

When we got home Chris was able to get the furniture out of his car and in the garage and we'll find someone to help him carry it upstairs, it's a straight stretch up the stairs and will take all of five minutes.

My sister, Amy, said if we didn't get it out we could sale the car and market it as small car with lots of storage!!!!!!!!!!!

Quadro better LOVE this piece of furniture.