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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]

Went to the Dr. again today and my blood pressure was up. I was then placed in a room and had to lay on my left side for about ten minutes, which of course made the blood pressure come down. They then did blood work to make sure everything was ok and it was just the blood pressure. If it's just the blood pressure and the blood work comes back ok, and the blood pressure maintains at a level in which it has been then I will just go to the Dr. twice a week as I have been and they will likely induce at 37-38 weeks. If the blood work comes back not good then I may have to change things such as what I am able to do. I go back on Friday and will get the blood work results and I'll see a different doctor, so we'll see.

I am somewhat stressed over all the things that need to be done, overwhelmed as well. I hate needing to do things and not being able to do them, if I had one good day of mobility and energy I'd feel like things were situated and good to go and I'd be able to relax and enjoy the next month as much as possible.

I think I'll start washing baby clothes this weekend and hopefully we'll figure out how to get the changing table/dresser upstairs and I can start getting everything together.


I'll pray for you in your stress. I pray peace and health for you. Bashem Adonai! (In the name of the Lord)