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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]

I went to the Dr. for my second visit on Thursday because of blood pressure. I got to see the Dr. I wanted to see, however the lady that took my blood pressure was confused as to why I was there at 33 weeks. Um hello! you have my chart!!!! Anyway..... my Dr. office takes your blood pressure with a thing on your wrist, that is what they have been doing for my checks. Well this lady did that and the pressure was higher than the last four visits, so she does it with the cuff and it is SIGNIFICANTLY lower. So she writes that down. I asked if it made a difference since all the other times it was done on the wrist she said no. She then tried to get me to do a test that is required at 34 weeks after having had the conversation about 33 weeks! So I let it go and I was just going to talk to the Dr.

I met with the Dr. he actually takes the time to talk to you and see what's going with you and life. I asked about the difference with the instrument that took my bp, he said it was ok, the cuff was more accurate. So I felt ok with that response and it was marked on my chart that it was taken with the cuff. I had no protein in my urine this time and my blood work came back good! So I got a that a girl your doing well. Quadro's heart beat was good and he's growing just right and has moved around and is positioned as he should be. My sugar levels have been good and I told the Dr. about my piece of pizza with salad and the one high level, he was not concerned as this was the only higher level I had and it was still better than my fasting levels before I started monitoring!

He was pleased all I had gained is 17 lbs, and once he checked my feet, ankles, and calves he told me I should loose most of it in fluid after the baby is born! Which makes since because by the end of the day I feel like my ankles weight 17 lbs each.

I go back to the Dr. Wednesday next week. More later.