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January 2009
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More from the Doctor

So there is something wrong with El Jay. It will no longer let the Beloved post from home. For now she is e-mailing her posts to me at work, and I am posting them. One way or another we'll get it done!

I went to the Dr. again today and had the same "nurse" checking me in as last time. She asked me three times if I was familiar with the test they were doing today, she asked 3 times after telling me about the test. So after the third time she asked I again told her she has already gone over that and I told her what she told me. Her response "ow I thought that was someone else" there was NO ONE ELSE SHE WAS WORKING WITH; SHE WAS WITH ME FOR THE ENTIRE TEN MINUTES!!!!! She then took my blood pressure and again it was higher on the wrist but it also went up on the cuff.

I got to see the Dr. I really like. The baby is doing well and growing right on schedule. I learned today that now that I have passed the 34 weeks if they need to induce at any point I will deliver at my local hospital with my Dr's. If he needed to come prior due to issues I would have had to have gone somewhere else with different Dr's. The Dr. again paid attention to my feet and calves and pressed on my calves to see how fluidy they are. I explained I was home today before the appointment with my feet up and they looked a little better than normal. He said keeping my feet up may help some but with the heat there's not much else I can do. Though my bp was high he explained it's still within a safe range to where they will just continue to have me come to the office often for checks. There was no protein in my urine which is a good thing. He told me for things to watch for and if I have any issues such as blurred vision, a really bad headache, or a sharp pain in my liver, (and he pointed to where my liver is at this point) to call the office immediately because those are signs of high blood pressure. The only "pain" I've had is minor heart burn occasionally and Tums helps.

I got curtain rods and curtains today for the downstairs bedroom. There are blinds on the windows but no curtains and with my parents coming and staying in the room we needed curtains since light really comes in that room even with the blinds closed.

Still so many things to do, I have the baby clothes washed but I haven't folded them, I'm waiting for the changing table/dresser to be moved upstairs, so I can organize them. I would really love for everything around the house to be done before the end of the weekend on the 16th. But we'll see. Chris and I take our tour at the hospital on the 16th; I'm looking forward to the tour.

Quadro is hungry and I don't know what we want to eat.

We have another baby shower on Friday. This one is at my work. Chris will come with me to this one, it should be fun.

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