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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]

We had a baby shower at my work on Friday. Chris came to this one. It was really nice. Everyone decided it was the healthiest food we’ve had for an event. We had all type of lunch meat, cheeses, breads, “fixin” for sandwiches, and all kinds of fruit, broccoli salad, cole slaw, layered taco dip, chips, salsa, and lemonade. It was really good. One of my co-workers, Michele, came to me Friday morning and said she was making a yellow cake at 1am! And dropped it and it fell in the floor and the glass dish broke all over it. So she came into work early to make another one and it tasted bad from the dish it was mixed in. I really appreciated the effort and the trouble she went through to make a cake! We still had a cake, one from Ukrop’s.

The conference room at work was all decorated for a shower, it looked really good. We ate, played games, and opened presents. It went on for almost 3 hours! Quadro got a lot of things he needed. We got baby monitor’s, some more clothes!, a Snugli, diaper bag (that is so cute), diapers, baby wipes, gift cards, Safety First Kits with clippers, scissors, hairbrush etc., blankets, diaper genie II, refills for the diaper genie, three books. One Dr’s Seuss Book Are You My Mother? And two FUNNY books. One from my male co-worker called Hatched, that was so funny I had tears in my eyes. The other from another male co-worker called Bad Baby’s that was equally as funny! Jenny, a girl from work, brought in more things from the Store of Kittrell. She is letting Chris and I use her swing, and another really neat toy. So now we just need to get the pack-n-play, and at some point down the road a high chair.

It really was a very nice shower!!!!

After the shower, two of the men from work came and helped carry the changing table/dresser up stairs. So now that is accomplished. Chris and I worked some today on the list on the dry erase board. The baby’s closet (AKA downstairs spare bedroom) now looks more like a bedroom than a baby’s closet! The car seat and bases are in there and a bag full of stuff that goes in the car (sunshade, backseat mirror, etc) are in the room, but that will come out as soon as we get everything in the cars.

We put the rocking chair that my sister wants in the garage to get it out of the room too and that REALLY helped! And we were able to move the excersaucer out and put it in another closet until Quadro is ready to use it. We have an extra exersaucer and bouncy chair for the in-laws house.

Chris put up the curtain rods and curtains in the downstairs bedroom today too. And wow! What a difference in helping to keep the light out, I’m sure my parents will appreciate that when they come and help after Quadro’s arrival.

We also FINALLY cleaned out the kitchen cupboards that have food in them. When we moved we just put stuff wherever and said “ow, we’ll organize it later, let’s just get it unpacked.” Well one year and nine months later and they are organized! And it only took about 15 minutes!!!! We cleaned out the glasses cupboard last weekend. We had soooooo many classes, so we have a box of classes to donate now, along with a bag of tupperware and box of misc. items. I just have one more cupboard to clean out/organize and the kitchen will be good.

I still feel like so much needs done and the house needs a really good cleaning again! I guess it’s a good thing that the main complaint I have about being pregnant is the inability to do some things, I like to be able to do things and get them done, so it’s a little frustrating, because I know once the baby comes I really won’t feel like doing it.

This evening Chris and I are going to go to Target and return a few things, and possibly go by Hallmark and get Quadro a baby book so we can start putting info. in about his baby showers. We have one more shower to go, next week on Friday. It should be fun; I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

Well I’m off, I need to go up to Quadro’s room and line the dresser and start organizing his clothes and 50+ pairs of socks!