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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]
Swollen Ankles and a Bladder the Size of a Pea

I have been feeling pretty good. I was exhausted yesterday after the Shower at work and it was so incredibly hot here. I just wanted to go swimming. My ankles really hurt yesterday, beyond being tight. Once I was able to get home and put on comfy clothes, cool down, and put my feet up for a bit they just became tight again, the pain was gone, so that was a good thing.

Quadro is definitely getting bigger everyday. Moving around, and apparently making my bladder the size of a pea! I am now 35 weeks along. Quadro will be here before we know it. And then there will be a time when we don’t remember now anticipating his arrival, and then no remembering not having him in our lives.

Today is Yoda’s birthday!!!!!!!! He is 7 years old! He actually got a card in the mail, addressed to him, from Pet Smart with a gift certificate for a toy!!!! He of course will likely not be too sure about Quadro’s arrival, but he’ll learn to love him and they’ll be buddies! At least that’s what we hope.

We’ll I’m off to work in the baby’s room for about an hour.


That's great that Quadro is growing nicely, even if it may not feel so great to you sometimes. Hang in there! He's worth it.
PS: Happy Birthday Yoda!