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babypowell [userpic]
Time Continues to Fly

Well it's been a while since I've made a post. Chris and I were reading over past entries last night and got a good chuckle out of the one about the changing table getting stuck in the car! My last post, which was made in April 08 indicated that I would hopefully be able to stay at home in August, which would be a year after I returned to work. And well it happened, I've been home since August, my last day at work was August 14. Joshua and I have stayed busy. We go to playgroup at WISC (Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex), Library, Kinder Music, and play dates with other kids. We have also been fortunate enough to be go home to WV every month for 1 to two weeks to spend time with mom. We've enjoyed it and Joshua loves spending time in WV. He does much better in the car than he used to, plug in the DVD player, and put in Cars and he's good to go.

Joshua is nineteen months old (or will be in 3 days) and is busier than ever, running, talking, and into everything. Chris and I found him standing in a chair at the kitchen table the other day, thing is our table is high, like bar stool height. Joshua is so cute, of course we're partial, but he is so adorable, he gives hugs and kisses, and he's learning every day.

Joshua LOVES anything with tires, or anything to do with cars. He has a DVD Hard Hat Harry, All About Cars and Motorcycles. It's a guy showing kids how to change tires, oil, etc on a car. He will watch this 35 minute episode over and over and over, it's a real car, real garage etc. Well the other day he started putting a round tupperware lid around his firetruck wheels, ran around his firetruck with his drill (which he uses as a torch wrench) and pretends he's doing a pit stop and changing the tires. Too cute!!!!

I've really enjoyed being home with Joshua, yes sometimes it's a struggle, as we lost my income, but definitely worth it, especially when you get all the hugs and kisses for no reason. Nothing like those little arms giving you a hug and Joshua pats your back when he hugs you. Again too cute!

He gets bigger each and every day and it's so cool to get to watch that and be a full time mom, whereas when I worked I felt like a part-time parent through the week.

As with all past entries I will attempt to do better with posting updates on Joshua, but no promises!

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"Joshua is nineteen months old (or will be in 3 days)"

Wow time does indeed fly.

Your telling me. And every night he still uses the snoopy blanket that Jen made. I just attached a picture to this post, it's a month or so old but it shows how big he has gotten. Hope you guys are doing well.

Jen exact phrase, and what I was told I could quote, was "Awww."