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It's been over a week since I've been checking my blood sugar and for the most part it's good, still learning what I can do and how, it's not so bad. But if it's not one thing it's another..... I have been to the Doctor twice this week and am on two day checks for my blood pressure, but everything is FINE! Quadro has a new cousin, a teacup/toy chihuahua named Murray! Welcome to the family Murray!

Chris has a friend whom he met online years ago and we actually met he and his wife for dinner in Las Vegas last year. Well Jen (the wife) made a peanuts blanket for Quadro, it is so cute and will look great with our whole peanuts theme. It has his name on it, yes we told someone, but they promised not to tell anyone! For the picture though the corner of the blanket with his name will not show!

Chris put Quadro's crib together last night, it's a crib, toddler/day bed, full size. We ordered the matching dresser/changing table to go with it so he'll have matching furniture now and we shouldn't need to buy anything else as the crib converts! Mom is making all the bedding and a roman shade for the window in the peanuts fabric we picked!

I took the class at the hospital today regarding the gestational diabetes. It was interesting, and the nutritionist was great. I have learned that I have been starving myself. I can have a lot more than I thought. We took our blood sugar to learn how to use the system and mine should have been around 120, it was 80! I could have had something other than salad for lunch! But now I know. Now I have to get the needles and strips from the pharmacy. The needles are covered through the pharmacy like a prescription drug for my plan. However, the needles are a medical care expense and I have to pay and request reimbursement and they are pricey. After July 1 it will all be through the pharmacy but I'm not sure if that will be relevant at that point. Now we need to go to the grocery store again and get things I can eat. The gestational diabetes isn't going to be the problem, my concern is the blood pressure will be. Well, I'm off to find something else to eat, as I'm starving.

Chris gave me a mother's day card for mother's day and then I got a foot spa. So I got to put my sore, swollen, itchy, feet in a warm bubbly bath spa and rub my feet over these things to massage them! It was WONDERFUL! They felt soooooooooo good after. And then the Nascar race was on since it rained out last night. My opinion is Nascar should NEVER race on Mother's Day, even if it had been rained out, I was personally looking forward to a race free Sunday.

I got the results of my Hemoglobin AC1 last week, it needed to be between 4.8-5.9 and it was 6.2. Though it was a smidgen higher the Dr. felt it looked ok considering how high my other numbers were.

We had an ultrasound on Thursday (5-10-07) everything is ok. We got two more pictures of his face, but he's so smooched they are harder to make out than the other pictures. I met with my primary Dr., this was just the second time I've met with her. Chris got to meet her, so now he's met all but one of the Dr's. She said everything looked good and we talked a little about changes I have made and can make until I go for my class and on Monday. She just said they would watch to make sure he doesn't get too big.

I talked to her about my humongously swollen feet and ankles and asked that as long as my blood pressure was ok was it ok that I did thing. She said yes that it was good for me to do things for my blood sugar but that she wasn't sure she would be able to say the same thing in two weeks. So what we got from that is this weekend and next get busy and get things done. She mentioned staying busy could help him come early and that wouldn't be a bad thing. I anticipate Quadro will be here by the end of June, or sometime in July before the 4th. So that was the appointment all is going well. Next appointment in a little over a week.

Yes, I do believe I have had this title before, but my feet and ankles are officially HUGE! I can feel the fluid in my ankles and my skin feels somewhat hot in my feet and ankles and they are a little painful when I stand. I'm not sure why there so bad today, I even set with my feet up for about two hours at work this afternoon. The Dr's office never called about the blood work, hopefully I'll hear something to tomorrow, if not I have an appointment Thursday.

The Dr's office called today regarding the results of the Glucose Fasting test and as expected the results were not good at all. The fasting test should have been 90 or below and mine was 134, the 1 hours test 180 or below and mine was 267, the second hour test should have been 140 mine was 237, and the third should have been 130 and mine was 222, so it was beyond not good! This means that I have gestational diabetes. I had blood work done today, a Hemoglobin AC1 test to see what has been going on with my blood sugar for the past 6 weeks. I meet with a dietitian and nutritionist for 3 hours next Monday and get the equipment to check my blood sugar. The hope is diet will make a difference, unless it's just too high, which is the concern since fasting it was so high, how can controlling what you eat make it normal when you don't eat it's too high? They can give me medicine to take 3's a day before meals, and the last option is insulin. I'm hoping it doesn't come to this. So between now and Monday I'm not sure how I'm suppose to eat. All I can really do is cut the sweats out and no more pop-tarts! The Dr's office will call tomorrow with the results of this blood work. That's it for now!

Ok, the pews at my Church were not made for short pregnant women! That's all I can really say!

Well, Quadro and I took the fasting test at the hospital this morning and it was not fun! I got there at 6:30 as I was instructed to register and start the first one at 7. Well they called my name and the woman then informed me "ow sorry I can't do yours you will have to wait until so and so comes in" I asked when will that be, she responded, "sometime soon" this was not promising. I wanted to get the first one done to get the ball rolling since I had three hours to go after that was done. Finally at around 7:20 I got called back and they took my blood. They test only the first sample, the fasting one, with you there before they give you the yummy glucose drink. Well my fasting one was again let's just say a little high! So it just doesn't look good for the phone call from the Dr. on Monday. It it was too high after fasting, and then I get a drink loaded with sugar and tested for three more hours but we'll see, more on that Monday.

I always get blood out of my left arm, I have a vein that is always right there for the pricking! So the first test I did left arm, then I thought hmm let's switch it up, the second I did my right but geez that hurt. So the third and fourth I gave her my left again. The right is still sore from her taking blood, the left is fine, there is a bigger mark from taking the tape off than from the needle!

After it was all over I went and got something to eat but now I am absolutely drained and exhausted. I went to work to talk to my Chief to make sure it was ok I came home. I hate using leave, but I really haven't felt this drained, headache, uck in a while. So Quadro and I are off for a nap now that we've both been fed! I did finally have a boston cream donut today, something I have wanted since we were in Staunton last week. I figured might as well get it in before I'm told I can't do that anymore!

My feet for the past two days have looked like balloons. Particularly interesting is that I have not had socks on for six days yet I still have places on my ankles from the swelling as though I've been wearing socks. I really just need the swelling to go down so I can get appropriate shoes on for court on Thursday. Flip flops and slide on tennis shoes won't cut it, which is what I've been wearing for the past six days!

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