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January 2009
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babypowell [userpic]
Showers in Church

Quadro and I went to the baby shower at Church Saturday evening. It was really nice and we got a lot of great things that we needed! Quadro now has the beginning of his video library with Baby Einstein and Baby Faith DVD’s. One of the Baby Einstein DVD’s has a frog in it, and the gift included the frog puppet, it was really neat.

I ate at the shower and make I feel like good choices. And then I had a piece of cake. I scrapped the icing off so it was a piece of cake with icing residue really. But an hour later my sugar was absolutely fine!

Chris came home from work with a basket of baby things from his work. In the basket was the cutest pair of blue jeans!

I started washing baby clothes today, two FULL loads of clothes from newborn to six months. I’m anxious to go through them again and see what’s there.